Presentation Boxes, Luxury Packaging & Gift Boxes 

A Leading UK manufacturer of presentation boxes, luxury packaging and gift boxes... 
Boxperfect are well known Packaging Designers with expertise in rigid boxes... 

About Box Perfect 

Made in England… and also in Europe 
Originally, M.Fish Packaging Ltd started making bespoke presentation and gift boxes in 1885, in the East End of London. In the 1970’s production was moved to a purpose built factory in Essex.  
The company was re-banded as Boxperfect in 2009. 
In 2011 we expanded abroad by opening a new factory in Eastern Europe. This gives our customers some very distinct advantages. All short production runs and fancy boxes can still be made in the UK, but the longer production runs are now made in Eastern Europe, where the cost of production is lower, and as the factory is owned by Boxperfect, we can guarantee that the same standards of high quality and short lead times are maintained throughout. 
On a final note, we ensure that all our customers are given our undivided attention and pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient customer service. We hope that after working with us, you will also agree. 

The Environment and Carbon Footprinting 

It is our policy to source board and papers from sustainably managed forests wherever possible. Our presentation boxes have a unique advantage over other types of packaging material, in that the raw materials we use capture and store carbon dioxide.  
The board we use in our presentation boxes will continue to store carbon dioxide, which keeps it locked up and prevents it from returning to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of presentation box board is better than any other packaging material when compared tonne for tonne. 

Recycled Materials and Recycling Paper 

We take recycling very seriously which is why we stipulate that each Presentation Box must be made from board containing at least 95% of recycled materials. We also ensure that 100% of all production waste is gathered and sent back to the processors for recycling. 
Recycling is a highly efficient process, not only does it help to preserve our trees and forests, but the process used to convert paper to pulp uses far less energy than the process to convert wood to pulp. As a result, Paper Mills use about 70% less energy in the Recycling Process. 
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